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In the course of designing any building, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of questions that have to be answered.  Some will determine how the building will look and function, or how it will use energy efficiently.  Some will ensure the safety of the people inside.  Some determine qualities you can see and feel, while many others involve things that will be hidden in the final building.  The answers to these questions create the design of a building and have to be understood before the building can be finished. 

As Architects, we provide our expertise to imagine and design the right solutions to all of these questions and help people make important decisions about their buildings.  We work with owners, engineers and contractors to make sure the designs and decisions made stay on budget, meet Building and Zoning Codes and will result in a good, safe building for everyone.

Then, we make drawings and communicate all of these decisions to the many different people who will be involved in the construction of the building in a way that they can use to build their parts correctly.  

All of this work, of course, takes time.  We charge our fees based on the amount of time our part of the work on your design should take.  What is needed is different for every project, determined by the nature of the problem we are trying to solve, and we will work with you at the very beginning to define how we can most efficiently and effectively help you get the design you hope for built the way you need it to be. 

At Hagan Architects, we know through experience what it takes to get buildings built well - whether they are very big or very small, in-town or far away, with small budgets or with very generous ones.  Our knowledge allows us to give you beautiful and effective solutions through reliable services that are honest and affordable.

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