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Our Philosophy

At Hagan Architects, Inc., we think that a Good Design is one that is both beautiful and responsible. 

Good Design can be both efficient and elegant.  A building or space should work, first and foremost, but should also work beautifully. 

Good Design does not have to be expensive to create.  A Good Design can transform common, off-the-shelf materials into beautiful and functional things as successfully as those that are exotic or rare. 

Good Design can feel as if it is a part of history.  It can also feel like part of the future.  Sometimes a Good Design can, and should, do both. 

Every design, like the people who will use it, has a unique set of goals, needs, histories and circumstances.  A Good Design should take all of those into consideration and be the appropriate solution, understanding the past and considering it's place in the future.

At Hagan Architects, we try make buildings with these thoughts in mind.  We think about the people, the places, the history and the future and create buildings and spaces that are thoughtful, beautiful and responsible.

What qualifies as thoughtful, beautiful and responsible is something that we redefine for each project, based on the unique needs and goals of our clients and collaborators.  Discovering and then meeting those goals is the most important part of each project that we work on. 

If any of these thoughts is similar to the way you think about design, especially as it relates to the buildings and spaces that are important to you, then you are the kind of person we enjoy collaborating with the most.  We would like to work with you on your next project, and we hope you'll talk to us when the time comes.

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