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How We Collaborate

We at Hagan Architects want to help you make the spaces you want feel special and tailored to your specific needs, and we believe that the best way to do that is by working closely with you in collaboration throughout the design and construction process. 

Working together, we will be able to make your project better than either of us could make it working alone.  It's also a lot more fun.

Our first step in this collaboration is to imagine the future that you wish for and how we can begin to make a building that can provide a home for it.  We'll ask a lot of questions.  We want to listen to you and understand what about your life is most important to you, and how we can work with you to make spaces for it that meet all of your needs and help you to thrive.

We'll help you to think about what you need and want and how to make them fit together into a place that feels right to you.  For us, designing and building that "just right" feeling is our goal for every project, no matter the size, type, style, or budget the project might have.  Once we determine together what is "just right" for you, we'll use that to measure the success of each of the hundreds of decisions that we will make in the course of our work together.

In every project there will be a balance of design and budget that needs to be met and kept, and we'll help you do that.  Sometimes, maintaining that balance can be complicated, and we'll help you understand the questions before you, what your options are, and what effect they will have on the project and its costs, so that you can be confident that the decisions you make and the spaces they will create are the right ones for you.

When you are ready to see what a true design collaboration can do for you, contact us.  We're looking forward to the chance to work with you. 

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